Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Like Scenes From A Ryu Murakami Novel

I am toying about using the above as the title for one of the sections of Rush Hour.

Do you know Ryu Murakami? Excellent Japanese novelist, writer, and author of Audition (made into a film) and Popular Hits of the Showa Era (flimed as Karaoke Terror).

I have the feeling that Rush Hour is a bit like writing a Ryu Murakami novel, labyrinthine, looking beneath the soul of life and the economics of the daily grind. Stories of the street, the grimy realities of what is, rather than romanticised notions of what could be, if that makes sense. Exciting, powerful and quirky. Cultish, stylish with a twist of the macabre...I am talking, of course, about Ryu Murakami's novels and not Rush Hour...though, you never know...

You Say The Most Wonderful Things Darling. (Makeshift Studios, 2013)


As well as recommending Ryu Murakami (one of my favourite writers)
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