Thursday, 22 August 2013

Working With Spun

Light : J.Z. Fernandez
 I am chasing a couple of stories this week.  While working on research about social media and participatory democracy I was contacted out of the blue by someone I interviewed a couple of years ago at the height of Occupy Wall Street and Occupy London.  He has led me back into the world of protest, anti-capitalism, anti-corporatism and anarchy.  He has a story to tell and an inside view of Occupy Wall Street I did not expect, I'll keep you informed.

So, this week has been exciting, frustrating and, certainly different.  In addition to my activist friend, an advocate of what he describes as, direct democracy, I have been talking with the outlandish and challenging artist Spun.  He has selected a controversial piece I wrote a few years ago to be posted in the next blog. To accompany this piece 'In Defence of The Paparazzi' he is allowing me to use one of his creations from 2006, in the spirit of interconnected pastiche I found the experience stimulating in all its retro manifestations.

Watch this space...soon.

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