Wednesday, 17 July 2013


I am now officially, as opposed to unofficially, 'on the road' travelling.  I do intend to publish my blogs as I go, but as I am sure you techie savvys will be aware a lot depends on the wi-fi out at the edge of the world?

Anyway, my intention is to publish 'An Absence of Light' perhaps tomorrow or, at least Monday, and The Money Parade/Cybereconomicpunkland - you'll have noticed a double A-side - sometime next week!  I will be, as I travel, working on a piece for the Argentina Indpendent, taking notes on another piece I intend to write about social media, and also working on the Rush Hour project (two more sections in the pipeline so soon we will have eight written), as well as taking notes on the journey.  And, it seems a nice place to finish with reference to yet another 'journey'. 

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