Thursday, 25 July 2013

Yer Long Road To The Lighthouse

I am, as I write looking out across the Atlantic ocean to America.  Someone said it was 3000 miles west - I am not walking it!

I am working on a few things as I travel, a piece for a newspaper in Argentina, which, in a strange way feels right.

Some of my family were or, indeed, might still be, Chilean sheep farmers.  This section of the family, or some parts of it, migrated east to Argentina, so I might be writing for people who are related to me.

I am also working on a piece I am calling 'Do Humans Dream Of Cyber Cash' and looking at the cyber economy.

I am, at present, at - what is known as - the Butt of Lewis, having just walked the jagged coastline for miles to get here.  The Guiness Book of Records has this area featured as the windiest place in the world.  Today, it is hot and sticky with very little breeze but the view from the cliffs is fantastic. 

Below me as I walked the last mile, gulls wheeled in the air currents and I tried to take some photographs  without getting too close to the ed


(If you have never been here put it on your bucket list.)

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